Just showing a bit of what we're REALLY all about

Posted by Al Runfola on

At IBP we strongly believe that our products serve a function that goes further than satisfying our client's appetite for shiny stuff to hang on their buses. Say for example our line of LED tailight upgrades. This lights are made out of mirror polished stainless steel alright, but we also make them from the highest grade of stainless steel available so as to make it almost impervious to water deposits, road polutants and their like, needing no or very little maintenance to keep it's shine. We could have stopped there but we took the next step: make them top notch, also maintenance free LED lights instead of the regular incandescent bulb devouring ones. Why stay half way? In a nutshell, this product exemplifies our stance to competitors and wannabes: always make the best product you possibly can, no holds, no compromises.